A bad week – How to survive it

Sometimes you just have a bad week when trying to lose weight. It’s inevitable at times. Life gets in the way. Sometimes this is for a good reason, with lots to celebrate and enjoy. Other times it isn’t so pleasant. Many people who struggle with their weight are emotional eaters and an upsetting day can lead to a bad week diet wise.

I definitely fall into this category. If something really upsets me then I want to eat my body weight in junk. The problem I have is that I’ve discovered almost every vegan junk food there is out there so I could probably quite easily do it. Chocolate, skittles, starburst, crisps, biscuits. If it’s vegan and it’s bad for you then I’ve discovered it!

The problem is that my personal life being so rubbish is why I’ve ended up so much fatter in recent months. There’s no point denying it. If it can be considered a major stress inducer then I think it’s happened in the last year. My marriage nearly broke down, I changed jobs, we had financial problems and we had a family bereavement. So yeah, I ate A LOT! It wasn’t even fun getting there, but I still did it, and then ended up feeling worse afterwards.

What helps when you have a bad week?

Thankfully there are quite a few things that you can do to help yourself when you know that you are having a bad week!

  • Exercise. It’s a known fact that exercise is good for your mental health. This means that going out and doing some exercise will boost your mood, meaning you are less likely to want to reach for food to comfort yourself. It also has the added benefit of boosting your calorie burn which will actually speed up your weight loss
  • Don’t let one bad day get in the way and undo all of your hard work. Have your splurge if you need to but then draw a line under it. The next day just get up, refocus and get back on to plan. I know this is easier said than done, especially when you are in a really dark place emotionally. However, it does feel good doing this.
  • Keep reminding yourself of why you want to/ need to lose weight. It reminds you of why it is so important to you. For me, this really gets me back on track, because I know that I need to do it then and I can usually reign my eating in.
  • Write everything down. Imagine you are on your first week again and keep a food diary. Sometimes going back to the basics and seeing it all written down in black and white can be a huge wake up call and help you to get back on track.


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