The best dairy alternatives?

Dairy alternatives are everywhere now. There are so many plant based milks on the market now that it can be a little confusing which ones to go for when you are looking to remove dairy from your diet. You can get milks made from soya, almond, coconut, hemp, cashew and oat. There are probably others but these are the ones that I regularly come across and have used.

When I first decided to go vegan and started looking at dairy alternatives I found it a little overwhelming. I searched on the internet but found that was little help. Probably because when there is so much choice out there it is often a case of personal preference.

One thing I would advise is to try several different milks. If you are like me you will find that different milks work well for different things. I personally like to have Koko coconut milk in my tea. It’s sweet enough to mean that I no longer need to have sugar in my tea either so it’s a win/win. I get to have a nice dairy alternative and by not needing sugar I can reduce my calorie intake. It doesn’t curdle either when it’s put in to hot water which some other milks do. I also use this milk on my cereals and in porridge too. You can also have 425ml of it as your healthy extra A on the Slimming World plan.

When it comes to cooking I have found that the best milk is probably soya milk. It doesn’t have as strong a flavour as some other milks meaning that it works well. I have made lasagne with it quite a few times and it works perfectly. Obviously I don’t make it quite as often now that I’m trying to lose weight. Soya milk is also the most easily available of all dairy alternatives as well. I buy the cheap and cheerful stuff from Aldi so it doesn’t even break the bank either.

Almond Milk is good for baking and making desserts. It makes a really good rice pudding. If you get the unsweetened version of it you can have a whole litre of it as a Healthy Extra A. A litre makes enough rice pudding for our family for two days and is syn free, although I usually sweeten it a little with some maple syrup which is synned.

I have tried Cashew, Oat and Hemp milk but personally I didn’t like them. Other people love them though so experiment and find the right one for you. This blog is just listing the ones that I find to be the best for me and my family.


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