First Week back at group and on plan

My first week of being back in a class has gone by very quickly. I lost 1.5lbs which is better than nothing. I’ve had a few slip ups but overall I’ve tried quite hard to stick to the plan. It certainly isn’t easy as a vegan but I’ve had the day off today and have used it to get organised and plan ahead. I know that this is the secret of success.

What have I had to eat this week?

  • Tuesday – Ratatouille and Pasta
  • Wednesday – Slimming World Chips, baked beans and Linda McCartney Vegetarian Sausages
  • Thursday – Vegetable Curry and Rice
  • Friday – Sausages, Mash and Vegetables
  • Saturday – Mushroom Risotto
  • Sunday – Jacket Potatoes and baked beans
  • Monday – Chilli con carne

How did I find my first week?

Actually, a lot harder than I expected! The first week is always usually my easiest week as I’m focused but I hadn’t expected life to get in the way like it did this week! Last time I did Slimming World I was working regular hours in a school. I now work in a different job and I do shifts. I get more days off but planning meals around shifts is hard. I also can’t be sure of a regular lunch break in this job which makes planning what to take for lunch very difficult!

I also ended up with a few unexpected things that had the potential to sabotage the diet as well! We got the opportunity to go out for a few hours whilst our daughter enjoyed a sleepover, and obviously we went to the pub! A couple of bottles of wine later I was a little bit merry and ready to eat a whole load of crap! Thankfully I limited myself to the only thing in the house that was vegan and had a packet of crisps.

I also discovered the squash I had been drinking gallons of at work wasn’t syn free. I must have had about 80 syns worth of it, as this is my busy week at work! I now know, have brought my own and have taken that into work. Easy to rectify as well!

Whats the plan for next week?

Exercise and sticking to the plan….

I’m currently a very fat runner who somehow managed to get into the London Marathon…..have deferred until 2020 but I’m determined to do it so I’m doing couch to 5 K at the moment. That means lots of exercise. I also have gym membership with a friend and she knows my rota better than I do. She messages me every day off to get me there! And then tortures me when I’m there!

I’ve just made up a load of soup and have meals in the freezer now to get out on my days I work late. No excuses really. I’ve also chopped up loads of fruit (mango, melon, pineapple and watermelon) and loads of vegetables (carrot, pepper, celery and cucumber) to snack on when I need something to eat. And the fruit is sweet so should satisfy my sweet cravings too!

I’m aiming for a 2lb weight loss! Follow my progress here.

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