Losing Weight – Why I need to do it

I’m a Vegan. I’m also fat (yes, fat vegan’s really do exist!). Actually I think I would be classed as morbidly obese. I know it sounds blunt but it’s the truth. I am also at the point where both my weight and my size are starting to really affect my life so I know it’s time to do something about it now. When you can’t get your socks on easily because you are getting so fat you know it’s time to make a change!

I’ve decided to start this blog to chart my journey and to keep me on track. I’m also doing Slimming World and I’ve found that there isn’t much information out there for vegans trying to follow the plan. The whole thing doesn’t seem to be very vegan friendly but I know it works. I lost a heck of a lot of weight (over 5 stone!) when I did it as a meat eater so I know if I can figure out how to make it work as a vegan I should see the results that I want.

I also have more than my health to keep me focused now. Earlier this month we booked a holiday to Florida and I refuse to be too fat to be able to buckle up my seat belt and also to be too fat to get on the rides when we go round the theme parks.

I also want to be able to get myself in to clothes in the shops that I love. I don’t dress to my personal taste at the moment because I can’t buy the clothes that I love in the shops that do my size. I want my clothes to reflect who I am as a person. I also want to have the confidence to be able to do something bold with my hair and cut it short, dye it some bright colour and not just scrape it back into a pony tail.

In short, I want to lose weight to completely and utterly transform my life! Are you with me for the journey?

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1 thought on “Losing Weight – Why I need to do it

  1. I think I was meant to find you. I have M.S..I also need to lose a lot of weight..A LOT lol. I’ve lost 3 stone before as you say a meat eater but now it is recommended that vegan would be better.

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