Low Calorie Snacks I now enjoy (suitable for vegans)

Snacks are an essential part of my eating habits. I won’t even try to deny the fact that I am a snacker. It’s probably one of the main reasons I have ended up so overweight. When I started to diet so many people told me that I would need to stop eating snacks but I know that if I did then I wouldn’t stick to whatever eating plan I decided to follow. In fact one of the main reasons I chose Slimming World in the end was because it allows you to snack. In fact it encourages you to eat quite a bit to ensure that you are never hungry! This is always a good thing for me.

One thing I have done though is switch my usual high calorie snacks to lower calorie ones. I either have syn free things now or low syn value snacks. Some of the little changes I’ve made have made a huge difference. Party Rings are my favourite biscuit (yes they really are vegan!) and I can quite happily eat a whole packet of them in one sitting! (I told you snacks are one of the reasons I got fat!). Now instead of buying the packets of biscuits I buy the multipack of mini biscuits and allow myself one packet whenever I need something a little more than fruit.

I have got a lot more organised in terms of my snacking though. Every 3-4 days I prepare pots of snacks for me to much on that I keep in the fridge. These pots include portions of blueberries, pineapple, melon, pomegranate, grapes and mango. I also have some vegetable sticks chopped up and ready to use. These include celery, peppers, cucumber and carrot.

There are times when you just need junk though! And lets face it sometimes a girl just needs a bit of chocolate. My favourite vegan chocolate is Bournville, so now I portion it up into 6 squares and keep it in the freezer. I know then that it is a real chocolate emergency if I want it! But on those occasions it is worth it, and six squares is just as satisfying as the whole bar! It’s just considerably fewer calories!



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