Meat Substitutes

Meat substitutes can make life a lot easier when you first decide to become a vegetarian or a vegan. They mean that the transition from omnivore to vegan is a lot easier. I won’t even begin to lie. I like the taste of meat. There is absolutely no way I could even contemplate a successful vegan diet without them! I probably use them more than I should but using meat substitutes mean that I actually eat, and that my meat eating husband and daughter also eat with me!

What meat substitutes are available?

There are literally hundreds of meat substitutes on the market now. Being vegan is suddenly very mainstream (which is a good thing!) and this means more and more are becoming available. I must admit I don’t use too many of them. I’ve tried most over time and stick to my favourites which are:

  1. Linda McCartney – There are loads of vegan products in this range. Some are Slimming World friendly such as the Rosemary and Red Onion sausages (free) or the Vegetarian Sausages (1 syn each). I personally prefer to use my syns on the vegetarian ones as I am not too keen on the rosemary ones but plenty of people love them. To me they taste like stuffing, and I don’t really like that! I love the country pies and the sausage rolls but obviously I am avoiding these at the moment as they’re high in syns and I’d rather use my syns on something else. 
  2.  Quorn – I must admit I was quite excited when I discovered that Quorn were releasing vegan products, and the range is expanding all the time! I use the chicken style pieces all the time. The spicy burgers are one of my most eaten foods. Since the release of the ham slices I’ve started having sandwiches again and I even fry it (in frylight of course!) to make a bacon replacement! 
  3. Supermarket own brands – I tend to buy mine either in Sainsburys or Tesco. I have no loyalty. I buy wherever has the best offer at the time I need to stock up. I love the meatless balls in Sainsburys but I think the mince is nicer in Tesco. I use the mince as the basis for so many different meals such as Lasange, Spaghetti Bolognese, Chilli and Cottage Pie. They both do nice vegetarian burgers and both of them make nice vegetarian fingers which are my comfort food meal with slimming world chips and baked beans. 

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