Week Three – 12th February 2019

Week Three has been a difficult week which is why I;m relieved to have stayed the same. It’s just been so busy that staying on plan has been difficult. I know it sounds like an excuse but it really isn’t. I am only meant to work 20 hours a week, over three days but this week I ended up working over 40, and working six days. I hadn’t factored getting called into work into my plans so wasn’t prepared food wise! It was fine at home as I cook a lot of things in advance and put them in the freezer. It was lunches at work that were the problem.

I usually take my lunch from home but leaving in a rush meant that this wasn’t an option. Healthy vegan options at work are in limited supply so I ended up having a chip sandwich one day and a bowl of tinned soup another day.

What did we eat in week three?

Tuesday – Spaghetti Bolognese

Wednesday – Slimming World Chips, beans and Linda McCartney Sausages

Thursday – Mayflower Curry

Friday – Stir Fry and Rice Noodles

Saturday – All Day Breakfast

Sunday – Roast Dinner

Monday – Mixed Bean Chilli and Rice


Did I do much exercise?

Erm….no. Week three has been busy but it’s been lazy as well. I’ve only met my 10000 steps once this week. I’m on my feet all day at work but because I push wheelchairs and trolleys around it doesn’t always count them. I usually go to the gym with a friend on a Tuesday, as that is my usual day off but I was working. I’m always too tired when I get in from work. I need to get back on it though. Exercise makes me feel good, and it speeds up my weight loss!

What are my plans for week four?

I have brought loads of free foods to take to work just in case I end up doing overtime. They can stay at my desk so I can pick on them. I’ve got Jaffa Cake Alpen (HEB), small tins of beans (I can get a potato baked for me in the kitchen), sachets of Oats and some fruit. I might look at getting a low syn tin of soup in as well. I’m also booked on an exercise class on Wednesday and I’m going to be joining a friend at park run on Saturday morning. I’ve planned my menu for the week as well so hopefully I get a loss next week.


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